Balboa High school


New Principal - Mr. Freedom Siyam

Dear Colleagues and School Community of Balboa High School,


I want to take this opportunity to personally and publicly thank Ms. Susan Ritter for her sixteen years of service to SFUSD and for her commitment and dedication to the community at Balboa High School.  She has held the vision and mission of Balboa with steady focus in her role as Principal.  I also want to recognize that transitions can be difficult.  The Balboa family has remained focused and dedicated in this period of change.


On March 18, 2017 a group of Balboa Community members served on an interview panel to make recommendations about your new principal.  I want to personally thank the student, alumni, teachers, staff, and administrators that dedicated an entire Saturday to participate in this process.  Last evening the Board of Education approved the recommendation of the site recommendation committee and the Superintendent.


It is my honor to announce that Mr. Freedom Siyam will be the new Principal of Balboa High School.  


Mr. Siyam has roots in Filipino American community based organizations of San Francisco.  His career spans that of a social studies teacher for public-school dropouts, coordinator for  race-and-politics workshops for college students, and school leader in both Seattle and San Francisco working with students and families to gain and sustain access to the wrap around services they need to graduate and succeed beyond high school.


Please join me in officially welcoming Mr. Freedom Siyam  as the new principal of Balboa High School!




Bill W. Sanderson                  

Assistant Superintendent of High Schools   


Han Phung

Director of Principal Leadership and Support

Posted by: Karwin Sui, District Admin, San Francisco Unified School District Published:4/19/17
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