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Participation Census Information

Student-Athlete Participation 2015-16

Females: 164

Males: 222

Total: 386 Participation

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Balboa High School

1000 Cayuga Avenue                  San Francisco, CA 94112                (415)469-4090

       Varsity Football Schedule 2017-18

         Preseason Schedule

Date                           Opponent                          Site                        Time

Saturday, 8/26                      San Lorenzo Valley                           Balboa                            11:00am (FS)

                                                                                                                                                2:00pm (V)

Saturday, 9/2                         Tamalpais                                         Tamalpais                       (FS) Cancelled

                                                                                                                                               8:30am (V)

Friday, 9/15                           Eureka                                             Eureka                              5:00pm (FS)  


AAA League Schedule

Date                           Opponent                           Site                     Time

Friday, 9/29                                 Lincoln                                          Kezar                            7:00pm (V)

Saturday, 9/30                             Lincoln                                          Balboa                          11:00am (FS)

Saturday, 10/14                          Galileo                                           Balboa                          11:00am (FS)

                                                    Galileo                                          Balboa                          2:00pm (V)

Friday, 10/20                               Washington                                   Washington                   3:00pm (V)

Saturday, 10/21                           Washington                                   Balboa                          11:00am (FS)

Friday, 10/27                               Lowell                                            Lowell                           3:00pm (V)

Saturday, 10/28                           Lowell                                           Balboa                          11:00am (FS)

Thursday, 11/2                             Burton                                           Balboa                           3:00pm (V)

Friday, 11/3                                  Burton                                           Burton                           3:00pm (FS)

Thursday, 11/9                             Mission                                         Balboa                           2:00pm (FS)

Friday, 11/10                                Mission                                         Balboa                           2:00pm (V)



Date                           Opponent                              Site                    Time

Thursday, 11/16                             TBA                                               TBA                              TBA

Friday, 11/17                                  TBA                                               TBA                              TBA



Thursday, 11/23                           SEMI-FINAL WINNERS                         KEZAR                          11:00AM


POUTOA FUEGA, Head Varsity Football Coach     


FREEDOM SIYAM, Principal        

Saturday Football Game - Schedule Change!

Due to the heat advisory, we are moving the Saturday football at games at Tamalpais to the following start times:


Frosh/Soph (scrimmage) Cancelled

8:30am Varsity (non-league contest)

Thank you,

Mr. Cubales

Girls Volleyball Schedule 2017-18

Balboa Athletics
Balboa High School * 1000 Cayuga Avenue * San Francisco, CA 94112 * Phone (415)469-4069

Date                        Day                 Opponent                           Place              Varsity         JV
August 24               Thursday         San Mateo                           San Mateo      5:45P.M.       4:30P.M.
August 25               Friday              Mercy (Burlingame)             Balboa             6:30P.M.      5:00P.M.
August 29               Tuesday          Urban                                   Balboa             5:45P.M.      4:30P.M.
August 31               Thursday         Gateway                              Gateway          5:45P.M.       4:30P.M.
September 1           Friday              Mercy (San Francisco)        Mercy              5:45P.M.       4:30P.M.
September 6           Wednesday     Newark                                Newark            5:30P.M.       4:00P.M.
September 9           Saturday          Westmoor Vars. Tour.          Westmoor        TBA
                                Saturday         San Mateo JV Tournament  San Mateo                            TBA    
September 15        Friday             Wallenberg                          Balboa            5:15P.M.       4:00P.M.
September 19        Tuesday          Lowell                                 Balboa             5:15P.M.
                                                                                                    Academy                              4:00P.M.
September 22        Friday              ICA                                      ICA                  4:00P.M.       5:30P.M.
September 26        Tuesday          Washington                        Balboa             5:15P.M.       4:00P.M.    
September 29        Friday              Lincoln                               Lincoln             5:15PM.

September 30         Saturday          Carmichael Invitational        Sacramento      TBA    
October 3               Tuesday          Galileo                                Galileo              5:15P.M.       4:00P.M.    
October 6               Friday              Burton                                Balboa              5:15P.M.       4:00P.M.
October 10             Tuesday          Wallenberg                         Wallenberg       5:15P.M.
October 13             Friday              Lowell                                 Lowell              5:15P.M.       4:00P.M.

October 14              Saturday          Aragon (AlamedaTour.)        Aragon HS        TBA
                                                        Westmoor                             Westmoor                              TBA
October 17             Tuesday           ICA                                      Balboa             5:15P.M.
October 20             Friday               Washington                       Washington     5:15P.M.
                                                          Mission                              Mission                                  4:00P.M.
October 24             Tuesday            Lincoln                               Balboa             5:15P.M.        4:00P.M.    
October 27              Friday              Galileo                                Balboa              5:15P.M.
October 31              Tuesday           Burton                                Burton              5:15P.M.

AAA League Games are in bold face.

November 3                 Friday               Division 2 #2                           Division 1 #3                 TBA
                                                              Division 2 #1                           Division 1 #4                 TBA
November 6               Monday              4th Place vs 1st Place             1st Place                       TBA                                                              3rd Place vs 2nd Place            2nd Place                      TBA
November 7               Tuesday             Winner (1)                                Division 1 #2                 TBA
                                                              Winner (2)                               Division 1 #1                 TBA

November 9             Thursday                Semi-Final Winners              TBA           7:00P.M.         5:30P.M.



LILY LOUEY, Junior Varsity Coach

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