Balboa High school

Find an Image to Represent your Career

Find an image using Google Images

Click on image and  "visit page"  to find the source.

Create a citation in your NoodleTools Bibliography.

 Choose "Website" and "Photo or Image (Born Digital)" for citation type.

Fill in as many boxes as possible and submit.

Click "New" under "Notecard" column.

Title your notecard "Image"

Copy and paste picture in the first box.

Find a Quote about your Career

Search for a quote online - use A-Z Quotes or BrainyQuote or Google.

Find an inspirational quote about your career.

Create a citation for your quote:

Choose "Website" and "Webpage" for citation type.

Click "New" under Notecard.

Title the notecard "Quote"

Add the quote and who said it to the Direct Quote box.

Explain why you picked this quote in "My Ideas" box.

College and Career


Click HERE to log-in to NoodleTools.


  • Log in to NoodleTools on the right side "Access Via Google for Education: with your Google Apps account:
  • Click “Create a New Project”,
    • for Description name it with Period # - Last Name - Which Career  (Example: 1
    • Lazarus Librarian).
    • choose MLA for citation style
    • choose Junior for level
  • Share Project with a project inbox
    • Type Hilger and pick your period.
    • Share Project.
    • Click Done.

21st Century Technology

  • Go to SFPL's Articles and Databases.  Click A-Z, then N, and choose Newspaper Source Plus (Ebsco)
  • Log in with your library card number and PIN - or get from Ms. Molly.
  • Go to ADVANCED SEARCH.  Enter search terms, check "Full Text"years, Publication Type and Document Type.
  • Find two interesting articles that applies to your career.
  • Add citations to your NoodleTools bibiography
  • Use the CITE button on the right and copy the MLA citation.
  • Choose Database and then Newspaper. Use the Quick Cite to paste citation.
  • Print the articles.

Make your brochure!

  1. Click here to find the  BROCHURE TEMPLATE.
  2. Under "File" click "Make a Copy"
  3. Rename by replacing "Template" with your last name.
  4. Add information from your Ferguson's  worksheets into the appropriate boxes.
  5. Copy and paste your quote and why you choose it.
  6. Add your image.
  7. Add information summarized from your 21st century technology notecard.
  8. Open your NoodleTools bibliography, click Print/Export, then export as a Google doc. 
  9. Make it single space, change the font size to 8, then copy and paste into the "Works Cited" box.
  10. When you're ready, turn it in from the SchoolLoop assignment.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

Click here for Ferguson's website

Click here for the Ferguson's Note Taker 


Under File. click "Make a Copy".

Replace "Copy of" with period # and last name in the title:

Example: "3 Lazarus Ferguson's Note Taker"

Share it with bowena1

*If you've already downloaded worksheet, find if in Google Drive*


Make your first citation in NoodleTools Bibliography for Ferguson's

  • Find and copy the citation on Ferguson's
  • Citation Type: Database then Original Content.
  • Choose Quick Cite .
  • Copy and Paste.
  • Click Submit

Click HERE for log-in access when you are not at school. You must be logged into your district Google account.

School Spotlight


College Board 

U.S. News & World Report for best graduate schools


If you get information from one of these sources, be sure to make a citation for that website.

Grading Rubric


CLICK HERE to view the grading rubric.