Balboa High school

Computer Lab Reservations

           HOW TO:

  • You must be logged in to your Google-Apps for Education account (the "t." account).
  • Check the master lab calendar below for availability. If the date is empty, it is available. (the small "down-arrow" at the top right of the calendar lets you select which labs to display)
  • Click on the link for the reservation calendar at the right-hand side of this page for the lab/cart you want to use.
  • If the period you want to use is available, it will be shown as a gray box. Click on that box, enter details (optional, but room number for carts is appreciated), then click "save".
  • Your reservation will now appear in your own Google calendar as well as the calendar below.
  • IMPORTANT NOTEIf you need to cancel your reservation, email Mr. Yacobellis or Molly  (Canceling the event on your own Google Calendar doesn't open the reservation slot for other teachers.)

Computer Lab Reservations

Lab Reservation Calendars

Computer Lab 127 - 38 desktops

Computer Lab 128 - 30 desktops

MacBook Cart 1 - 25 laptops

MacBook Cart 2 - 29 laptops

iPads - 29 iPads

ChromeBook  Cart 1- 33 ChromeBooks


(As of April 10 - ChromeBook Cart 2 will be for library use.)