Balboa High School

BHS Swimming Class

Balboa Pool Address:
51 Havelock St

San Francisco, CA 94112 Phone: (415) ...more

Dress Guidelines

We hold high expectations for student performance at Balboa High School. In order for students to participate safely and effectively during class activities, they need to be dressed in appropriate ...more

Portfolio Guidelines

The following is what you need and how you should organize your portfolio.

Materials needed:

  1. 3 Prong FOLDER (preferably plastic) with 2 pockets
  2. 4 Dividers with tabs (4 for physical education

Expectation ...more

Physical Education and Health


All Balboa High School students will become literate in 21st century physical education, life-long fitness and wellness. They will develop positive social skills, learn to self-assess, learn to set personal goals and become informed consumers. Our ultimate goal is for students to embrace healthy lifestyles and become joyful learners through physical activity.

SFUSD Physcial Education Course 1

Grade: 9


Prerequisite : For 9th grade students or other students taking their first high school ...more

SFUSD Physcial Education Course 2

Grade : 10-12

Prerequisite: PE 1


This course is designed to be taken after Course ...more

BSKT150 Basketball

Grades :10-12 Prerequisites: PE 2

This course is designed to ...more

SWIM150 Swimming

Grades: 10-12 Prerequisites: PE 2

This course is designed to develop ...more

P.E Staff

Cubales, Val C.
Glassman, Jacqueline R
Gray Jr., Lawrence C.
Hall, Erin
Health Teacher
Ramirez, Rocio


You can buy your PE Uniform before school and during lunch.

Please bring your forms ready for purchase.

Medical Excuses for Physical Education

Generally, a student well enough to be in school is required to dress in the appropriate physical education dress code. When a situation arises that would make activity harmful for a student, the ...more

Physical Fitness Testing

We will begin administering the State Mandated Physical Fitness Test starting in February 2015. All Freshman will take the following tests: 1 mile run,curl ups, push ups, flexibility, trunk lift and ...more