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Game Design Academy


Mission: The Balboa High School Academy of Information Technology seeks to prepare students to learn, utilize, and adapt their technology skills to meet the evolving use of technology in higher education and the workplace.

AoIT integrates computer science with social science and English. The first-year course emphasizes basic principles of technology and pre-programming using BYOB (based on Scratch). This is through a partnership with the Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) program, where professionals from the industry co-teach with the instructor. The user-friendly nature of BYOB allows students to program using graphics, meaning that programming involves dragging blocks around and building larger blocks out of smaller blocks. Additional topics of instruction are abstraction, design, recursion, concurrency, simulations, and the limits of computation. In the second year of the program, students can choose to explore computer science aspects such as AP Computer Science, computer hardware, and network security.

AoIT coaches its students towards work-based learning experiences with guest speakers, field trips, company tours, job shadows, and internships. Zynga, our business partner, is collaborating with us to develop an ongoing relationship between the classroom and business professionals.


AoIT Integrated Courses 11th and 12th grade Scheduling

AoIT 11th grade

American Literature 1/2

United States History 1/2

Computer Applications 1/2


AoIT 12th grade

European Literature 1/2

American Government /Economics

AoIT course at CCSF or AP Computer Science


CCSF Sample Course Offerings:

Intro to Engineering and Technology Lab

Network Security

Internet Basics and Beginning HTML

Digital Media Skills

Orientation to Graphics and Multimedia

Digital Skills for Media

Briefings in Biotechnology

AoIT Dual Enrollment at CCSF

AoIT students have the unique advantage of taking college courses at CCSF their Senior year. In the Spring of Junior year, AOIT students in good academic standing (minimum gpa 2.0 with at least 165 credits) will apply to CCSF. Students choose from a wide selection of computer networking courses, such as: Computer Hardware, Network Security, Internet Basics and Beginning HTML, Digital Media Skills, Orientation to Design and Graphic Design, and Digital Skills for Visual Media to fullfill their AoIT elective course. These courses are designed for high school students so courses begin after 3:30pm with the exception of Saturday class and are held 1-2 times a week. Students who complete these courses not only get high school weighted elective credit, but they are also awarded college credit. This course will appear on the high school transcript and will be calculated as a weighted course in the students GPA.  AoIT students are encouraged to take AP Computer Science their Senior year if they do not take an AoIT elective at CCSF.   

Spring 2013 Orientation

AoIT  Dual Enrollment Mandatory Orientation 

SAVE THE DATE January 9th OR January 10th

3:30pm-5:30pm either day

CCSF 50 Phelan Ave., Science 100


Important information for high school students including:

How to enroll in classes

What to expect in your college class

Important dates


Campus tour


First day of instruction January 14th