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CAST Academy

The CAST Academy at Balboa High School is career/technical pathway supported by the State of California Education Department’s California Partnerships Academies. CAST is a visual and performing arts based program with an emphasis on the career/technical professions in the areas of the Arts and Entertainment Industries. 


Using the arts and design as a lens for examining the world around them, students become keenly aware of the every day impact of visual communications and design on our lives. By engaging in creatively and technically challenging mediums like video, audio, digital animation, motion graphics, and theatre production, students learn the skills and understanding necessary to actively create their own channels of communication. By working both as individuals as well as in production teams, students learn to work together to problem solve and produce a work that is larger than anyone individual.


One of the defining characteristics of the 21st Century is the explosion of digital media across the education and professional world. Students in the CAST academy learn the foundations of advanced digital media processes and the technology and software necessary to produce such media.


Students in CAST are required to be involved in a minimum of two outside learning experiences/internships. This component is required, understood and agreed upon when students select CAST. These opportunities range from learning advance methods and procedures in digital media, to internships at local museums, like the de Young, YBCA, and the Asian Art Museum. 


The CAST required course work meets all minimum UC A-G requirements, as well as helps to build invaluable academic and professional portfolio development, networks, and experiences.




Music/Audio Production

Video/ Photography Production

Animation/Motion Graphics Production