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Examples of Volunteer Activities

In My Community:

Volunteer at any charitable organization

Volunteering at other public school fundraisers and events

Volunteering in school or public library

Volunteering in Nursing homes and Hospitals

NERT or Red Cross Training

Disaster Relief

Unpaid tutoring

Organize Tree Plantings

Beach or Park clean-ups

Collecting food for food banks or clothing for shelters

At My School:

Members of the school community/band receive hours for performances

Helping teachers and staff

Participating in school PTSA meetings

Participating in Beautification Events(Arbor Day/Green Up Clean Up)

Activities That Don't Count:

Paid positions or internships

Political campaigning

Attending church, Sunday school, or school clubs

Senior TA time

Helping out at home or at parent/caregiver place of work

These 5 events listed above DO NOT COUNT

Community Service

Why Perform Community Service?

We want to build a culture of involvement and have students be a part of their community. Community service also builds character and leadership skills. Committing your time and effort will allow you to develop a sense of pride and satisfaction in your community. When a group comes together and works for a common goal, it not only benefits the whole community but the individuals within the community.  While participating and performing services, you help strengthen the community with your action and voice.

Performing community service also helps increase the property value of your community. This means businesses will see your community as being more desirable and become more inclined to conduct business in that area. By showing that people actually care about the community, the area becomes more attractive.  Eventually community members will want to invest as well.

Help your community! Get out and be involved! Get Active!

Benefits Of Volunteering

  • Learn and develop new skills
  • Be Involved in your community
  • Meet a diverse range of people
  • Make new connections with people for future reference and friendships
  • Receive personal rewards and sense of achievement
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Gain Job experience
  • Create new interests and hobbies
  • Combat depression
  • Create self confidence

Don't Know What To Say?

Student Script

Hi my name is ________(full name). I am a Senior/Junior/Sophomore/Freshman at Balboa High School. I'm required to complete 25 hours of community service, so I am calling regarding a volunteer opportunity.

Are you available to answer some questions? [If not- May I speak to someone who can answer some questions for me?]

Ex. Questions

When is a good time for me to come in and volunteer?

What kind of positions are available?

What activities would I participate in?

What will be expected of me as a volunteer?

Wheel Kids Bicycle Club is looking for high school students to volunteer as intern coaches. 
Wheel Kids Bicycle Club ( is a bicycle summer day camp for kids age 5 to 15, located in San Francisco. We spend our days riding bikes, having fun, learning skills and safety and exploring the Bay Area. We take daily rides from our meeting place at Sports Basement on Crissy Field, while once a week we have a field trip to explore cycling opportunities beyond San Francisco.
We need volunteers to assist the coaching staff in a variety of ways: being another set of eyes and ears on the riders, helping with activities, being a role model and providing companionship. The primary qualifications are: willingness to work with kids (experience helpful but not mandatory), ability to successfully and simultaneously interact with kids and adults, and ability to ride a bike. A detailed job description is available at
Please contact me at
Tim Hurley
Wheel Kids Bicycle Club, Inc.

SFFD NERT program
What's NERT?  Neighborhood Emergency Response Team.  It's a 6-class program to teach citizens all about disaster preparedness, which includes info on what to put in an earthquake kit, utility shut-offs, disaster medicine, light search and rescue, what the city's disaster plan is all about, and more.  There will be a training soon, Wed. evenings beg. Dec. 5 at the SFFD Division of Training, 2310 Folsom St., at 19th St. To take NERT training, students under 18 need to have a parent or guardian with them (one adult can act as guardian for multiple students). This is a neat thing to do with your teenager, parents.  For more details and to register, please visit the NERT web site at : or call the office at 415 970-2024

SFPD ALERT program
Announcing a brand new program by the SF Police Department. ALERT (Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team) is a volunteer citizen disaster preparedness program which will train volunteers to help the police in the event of a disaster.  Volunteers must be at least 16 years old and have taken NERT or be current in their NERT certification.

For details on ALERT, please visit
or call Sgt. Mark Hernandez at 415 832-8419.
The training will be one all-day session at the Police Academy (after the NERT requirement is fulfilled). 


Volunteer Opportunities

Additional Info

For more questions: See Michelle Llamas in counselors office...

For more Opportunities: find Volunteer Binder in counselors office...

For community service suggestions: Contact Ms. Molly in the Library...