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English Staff
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Contact Samuel Davis  Samuel Davis (415) 864-1157 ex: 415-469-4090 x322 (at work) Teacher
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Balboa English Language Arts Department


In Balboa's English Language Arts department, teachers strive to help students develop into highly skilled, insightful, and critical individuals by focusing on rigorous, engaging reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities and assignments. We are privileged to work with Balboa's students for each of their four years here, and work for them to graduate with the skills and knowledge to carry them through life.


American Literature

American Literature H

AP English Lit & Comp

AP Language & Comp

ELD Advanced RW              

English 1*                               

English 2*

European Literature

European Literature H


*Note: Beginning the class of 2015, Balboa HS has disbanded the honors program for grades 9 and 10. The Honors designation in mathematics is to identify grade level only.