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Athletic Jackets


Balboa High School Letterman Jacket


How do you earn your Block B:

1.  Played 2 seasons on a varsity sport team or individuals that have a championship season.

How to order the Balboa Athletic Jacket.

Go to Balboa can order at wholesale prices anytime.  The wool body color will be navy blue, white vinyl sleeve, knit trim stripe color will be orange and if you want the Balboa Buccaneer mascot on the back of the jacket.Athleitc Logo 2013-14.png

Below are prices and current options that we offer:

$105.00 = Base price of jacket with vinyl sleeves

$70.00 = Upcharge for leather sleeves

$5.00 = Upcharge for quilt lining

$5.00 = Up to 3 lines of embroidery on right chest (name & sports)

$15.00 = 2 digit grad year on left shoulder

$15.25 = 1 line of embroidery on jacket back (school name or last name)

$25.00 = Bucs mascot

$2.05 = charge to sew on block B or any other customer property patches

Tax & Shipping is additional

Delivery is approx. 6 weeks