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Peers United for Leadership, Service, and Equity orients students’ academic experience around the following themes:

  • Defining and Understanding Community—What is a community? What does participation within particular communities look like? How do people come together to form communities at various scales? What values and beliefs guide communities?
  • Principles of Leadership—What does it mean to lead? What skills, traits, and knowledge are needed to fully develop as a leader? How do the skills, traits, and knowledge we acquire as leaders best serve the communities we lead?
  • Principles of Service—What does it mean to provide service within and to communities? What is required to develop and implement successful, meaningful service to communities in need? What does effective service look like?

PULSE is a leadership pathway designed upon the knowledge that youth can take essential leadership roles in exploring their communities and can develop to become stewards of them. Students in PULSE learn about community, leadership, and service; and then apply that learning to better understand the world and themselves, and to become more successful students and people. Students in PULSE have the opportunity to work with a variety of Community Based Organizations and to develop and produce self-directed committees with the oversight of adult facilitators.