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Balboa's Vision


balboa high school   

mission statement 

 social justice • self-discovery • responsibility


social justice

students embrace learning to create a better, more equitable society


students experience learning as critical and creative thinkers


students value learning that is rigorous and meaningful

From Good to Great(ness)


Balboa High School, in partnership with all community stakeholders, will provide students with an educational experience of rigor and relevance; where all students are valued, have a sense of purpose, and are committed to making our school and society a better place to live.  As a community of lifelong learners, we are guided by 3 essential questions:


  • What do we expect students to learn?
  • How do we know they have learned it?
  • What do we do if they don’t learn?


Our cause, then, must be intrusted to, and conducted by its own undoubted friends—those whose hands are free, whose hearts are in the work—who care for the result.”

Abraham Lincon